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Available in bowl or grail all are tuned to 432hz

Each Grail comes with :

  • Free customized Grail or Bowl bag with the Auraura Quartz logo
  • Free customized Grail cloth
  • Free Mallet

Introducing the captivating beauty of our Aqua Auraura Quartz Collection.

This collection exudes an ethereal beauty and radiates positive energy. Combining the tranquility of aqua hues with the captivating iridescence of the Auraura’s, resulting in a truly magical and unique collection.

The enchanting aqua-blue tones blend harmoniously with hints of opalescent rainbow hues, evoking serenity and tranquility. Its beauty is further enhanced by the play of light that dances across its surface, captivating all who behold it.

Possessing remarkable metaphysical properties. Enhances communication and self-expression. Activates the throat chakra, enabling clear and effective communication, and facilitating the articulation of thoughts and emotions with confidence and grace. Unleashing a symphony of celestial tones that resonate through your entire being.

Soothes the emotional body and promotes inner peace. Cleansing and aligning the aura and energy body, infusing it with serenity and tranquility. By harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit, encourages a deep sense of relaxation and emotional healing.

Embrace the enchantment and transformative power of Aqua Auraura Quartz and allow its radiance to illuminate your life. Unlock a world of tranquility, communication, and self-expression.

    Please note that they change color in light depending on how the light reflects upon them. Some images were taken in a studio and the color was not enhanced. What you see is the light reflecting on them and how they change dynamic color tones.


    The Auraura's are a group of galactic beings that are massive pillars of light that are anchored within the planetary grid. They are here to help with Planetary Ascension.

    Auraura Quartz’s mission is to help raise the frequency upon the planet by providing the highest-frequency sound tools available.

    Through the Alchemy of the Divine Feminine, Golden Rose frequencies of the Magdalene Codes. The Divine Masculine, Golden Frequencies of the Christ Consciousness Codes gives birth to the Auraura Frequencies of Light.

    Their colors and frequencies are what you see, hear and feel. May their sound activate a deep remembering from within your soul. Calling you home. Serving the grand mission of ascension upon this planet.

    It is a great honor to make these grails available for all to be Guardian Grail Keepers of the Auraura Frequencies.

    And so it is.

    In love to the ALL that is ONE.

    Auraura Quartz


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